Booze Poem by MG

“I’m Beer for you…”

“Oh, for fuck’s saké!”

“Hakuna ma vodka?
Rumming you up wrong?
Too… Winey?

“Whiskey and whiskers?
Burping after Bourbon?”

“Taste of Tequila?
Moves like Jäger?
Kinky Kahlúa?”

“Wait a Triple Sec!
Ambushed by Amarula,
armed with Amaretto,
Absinthe’s the absentee…”

“On the contrary,
your Cointreau
compared me to Compari
and honestly,
Grand Marnier,
that’s not really my Brandy…”

“Well all this colliquerlism
has left us in
Good Spirits
so all jokes a Cider,
let’s Bailey’s and bail, babe?”


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