Poem to You

Dear Darling,

You asked me recently to opine on your ‘issue’
Though it’s pretty obvious, given all the clues
Seems you’re scared to feel what’s real to you
Scared of projecting what you’ve been through
All the while desiring adventure and something new
Yearning to love freely breaking from your ideals and rules

Still, guarding yourself from the unknown
Fearful of your true self being shown
Perhaps afraid the cover of your mask will be blown
Anxious, perhaps, of ‘ending up’ on your own
So you’d rather keep a distance and connect through a phone
Because you enjoy yet also fear the experience of being ‘alone’

You then force yourself to refrain from technology
Only to realise that essentially you crave connectivity
So of course it’s natural you’d seek company
Especially when ‘time differences’ work just perfectly
The moment ‘that person‘ responds, you smile nervously
And just as quickly, hide it, for you suddenly feel guilty

You feel guilty for letting yourself be happy
Feel ashamed for smiling so freely
Feel confused that it happens so naturally
Feel frustrated that it seems like a dream
Feel annoyed that you hanker for its reality
Excited and scared of raw undefined chemistry

On the one hand, you enjoy keeping this passion alive
On the other, it’s igniting your dreams late at night
You wake up feeling physically tired
Yet awakened and inspired by what’s on your mind
Then you fight yourself and resist the love and the time
To allow for the Head’s understanding and Heart’s will to unite

Perhaps that is part of what scares you, though
So instead, you make excuses to protect your ego
‘Coz you’re afraid of venturing into the unknown
Where you’d risk the cover of your mask being blown
Where your truth and vulnerability could be shown
Where your laughter and pain can be appreciated and known

What frightens yet fascinates you most is the genuine and the real
The part that touches deeper than just surface ‘feels’
The waters that reflect both you and me
The desire to love freely without rules and ideals
The depths that draw us in so naturally
The waves that envelop us enticingly,
echoing questions of curiosity,

asking if perhaps, Darling, in
your search for your profound self,
you inexplicably found…



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