— r i c o c h e t — A Poem, For You

You sent him a message
of choked up resentment
Your perception of his flaws
with no acknowledgement of yours
An entire projection
of manipulative assumptions
Your subjective interpretation of traits
to portray his existence as a mistake

Though, without you in the way
He has actually been able to change
All this while you’ve been self-indulging
in self-inflicted guilt and shame
In search merely of someone to blame
You impulsively scapegoat onto him your pain
And compulsively refuse to confront or face
up to your damage that predated him — it’s ingrained!

Deep down, he knew
your unencumbered insanity
was not inhibited by him
but by your childhood history
He also knew that you
would not handle your truth
So simply walked away
as he couldn’t lie to you
Just after he left,
he took partial responsibility
Though unnecessary,
apologised for his part in your journey

Right then, you’d realised
he does have a moral compass
and that it’s been you all along dear,
who seems to be lacking in conscience


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