I watched as she edged closer to my cliff. I watched as she inhaled my breath. I watched as she glanced down my abyss. I watched as she took the plunge. I watched as she spread her wings. I watched as she fell. I let her fall and I did not catch her -- with … Continue reading Wings

Is It You…?

Freewriting, just to follow the flow Don't know where this story goes With a finger and a thumb partially numb Trying to come up with words not "dumb" Somehow, my juvenile, young naive mind Wants to journey through endless space and time But I know that if I close my eyes Yours are the ones … Continue reading Is It You…?

Dear Skye

Hi all, I've been working on a short-story series called Dear Skye. It is a compilation of fictional letters and poems from Ash to Skye, two characters, one of whom may or may not still be around. It is open to readers' interpretation. Enjoy! Click here to read Dear Skye on Wattpad